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The Trabant was most popular in Russia during the 70s and 80s. Sure, Lada remained Russia’s car symbol and heritage, but that’s mostly down to how awful the Trabant was. Okay, so it did its job of moving people about, but as an actual car, it was horrible. It has a comically-weak two-stroke engine delivering a massive 18 horsepower, and the entire body is made out of recycled fiberglass. So, it wasn’t safe, fast, it had no brake lights or turn signals, didn’t work, and when it did, it was prone to catching fire because of the fiberglass. Designed in East Germany as an answer to the Beetle, Germans abandoned the Trabant after the war where the Russians came in. Talk about a bad investment.

ManufacturerVEB Sachsenring
Production1957 - 1991
Base MSRP7,450 GDR Marks
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