Ford Mustang II


If you were a “car guy” in the 70s, you’re probably wondering why you had to click through so far in order to find the Mustang II. While the original Mustang is a fantastic car, the Mustang II shares no components with the earlier version, and is in fact built on the Ford Pinto platform. If you weren’t around in the 70s, you might wonder how a Mustang could make this list. Well, the base model had 88hp. No, we’re not forgetting a number at the beginning there, it did in fact have 88 horsepower. It gets worse. In 1975, the catalytic converter became mandatory and the horsepower dropped to 83. Since the Mustang II was built on the Ford Pinto platform, it also used the same fuel tank as the Pinto (which was known for “exploding” when it got hit in the rear), and many of them came with Firestone tires, which in the 70s were also known for having issues. The original Mustangs were great cars, and modern day ones aren’t bad either, but it’s best to just forget this period in the Mustang’s history.

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